Net Studio

Art Direction – Rebrand – Digital ART

Net Studio is specialized in designing and implementing logical access security and control systems, and combines technological skills and experience with knowledge of the latest laws and regulations on security and control, in order to help those that make IT security their job.
During the research and conceptualisation phase of our rebranding effort certain considerations led us to review the sentiment and direction we wanted to give this project..
NetStudio now boasts of a consolidated experience and reputation, with the challenges of the past and those of the future being up to the abilities of the company’s 16 years of experiences.
However, although the company has grown by investing in young people, research and innovation, it always remained linked to an old image of itself; that of when it was born, exactly 16 years ago.
We therefore decided to proceed with two different brand awareness initiatives – which we hope to achieve through the rebranding effort of Netstudio.
Two artistic conceptualisations were established: Corporate and Smart
Once an Institutional logo that inspires confidence was selected, it necessitated a payoff that engages the user and delivers an emotional message..
The concept behind the visuals suggests different actions: organized, selected, distributed.
Visually its differentiated by gates/accesses (holes) and data (spheres)
The final image is presented as refined, institutionalised and elegant.

The selected visuals were created to illustrated Netstudio’s attributes, concepts and ideas. The geometric elements can be interpreted as accessible data and information.
Project by:
Art Direction:
3d Illustration:
Umberto Daina & Diletta Scaruffi